5 Reasons Why You Need uPVC Window Painting

When looking to transform your property, what can be overlooked is the ability to change the paint colour of your windows and doors. Whilst many of us may opt to have them replaced, this can quickly become very costly. Our ability to spray paint your property windows and doors, without even having to remove the windows, allows for a faster and cheaper alternative. With any colour able to be selected, you can truly create the property image that you desire.

There are many reasons beyond a simple image change that our uPVC spraying services can rectify, here are 5 of the main ones:


We work hard to ensure that we are saving you money, effort and time. Refreshing your uPVC windows is made easy with our spraying services. We are able to spray your windows without removing them from their slot, this allows for less mess and quicker turn-around times.


Windows, for many of us, are an investment. We want to keep them working for as long as possible, this is one of the key reasons why many opt to have their windows sprayed. The paint we use to spray your uPVC windows is extremely durable. This means that the risk of any peeling or cracking is minimised to near nil. Choosing to change the paint colour of your windows using our services can allow them to last for a further 10 years!

Change the colours of your windows with Spraymaster South West. No matter the door type we can spray your doors a new paint colour, which is a much cheaper alternative to replacing them.


Renovating a home, or simply redecorating can fast become expensive. Our services are available for a much lower cost than replacing your windows would see you pay. It may also take for you to locate the desired window colour that you require, this can lead to you needing to purchase new windows and then have them sprayed to the colour you originally looked for. 


Our paint is fast drying, the paint can be cured within 24 hours. This can mean that often making contact with us will see your windows changing colour in what can seem like a blink of an eye. This is highlighted even more when you consider the lead times it can take for windows to be delivered and installed.

Transform your home with Spraymaster South West, change the colour of your windows and doors in an easy way.


As previously touched upon throughout this blog post, many will seek uPVC window spraying to make their property more modern or to fit a desired overall image that they have in mind when it comes to the exterior of their property. This is something we are pleased to help with, no matter how small or large the task at hand. We have an abundance of colours for you to pick from, you may be surprised at just how great a change of colour or a simple respray of the same colour can truly freshen up your property.

This factor of why you should have your uPVC windows sprayed is extremely useful for those looking to sell their property. Should you find that your property has been on the market for quite a long time, or that you simply want to make sure that it is in peak condition before going to market. Having your uPVC windows sprayed can be a faster and cheaper way to achieve this and elevate your chances of selling your home.

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We hope that we have shed some light as to why you should have your uPVC windows sprayed. Whilst a fresh look is always a good enough reason, the extra benefits that come with the services we provide throughout the South West make it even more appealing.

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